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Bert Hellinger

An Index of themes in Hellinger’s books

Bert Hellinger Books

Acknowledging What Is

An Education for Our Time

Arrived 1st part of trilogy series

Fulfilled 2nd part of a trilogy series

Guided 3rd part of a trilogy series

Farewell; Family Constellations with Descendants of Victims and Perpetrators

Insights; Lectures and Stories

Laws of Healing: Getting Well, Staying Well

Living Transcendence

Looking into the Souls of Children

Love’s Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work in Relationships

Loves Own Truths – Bonding and Balancing in Close Relationships

No Waves without the Ocean; Experiences and Thoughts

On Life and Other Paradoxes (coming soon)

Peace Begins in The Soul; Family Constellations in the Service of Reconciliation

Rachel Weeping for Her Children; Family Constellations in Israel

Rising in Love; A Philosophy of Being

Stories Of Success in Business and Profession

Success In Life, from the series Orders of Success

Supporting Love; How Love Works in Couple Relationships

The Churches and their God

Together in the shadow of GOD – Thoughts that succeed

To the Heart of the Matter; Brief Therapies

Touching Love vol.2

Truth In Motion

With God In Mind; Our thinking about God, where it comes from and where it leads

Bert Hellinger Articles

Bert Hellinger: On Conscience

Bert Hellinger: Orders of Helping

Bert Hellinger: Orders of Success

Bert Hellinger: The Hidden Orders In Human Relationship Systems

Bert Hellinger: The Hellinger Sciencia and the Spirit-Mind

Bert Hellinger: The Rival’s Strength How to treat your rivals, the vane ones as much as the frightful ones?

Bert Hellinger: The Movement of the Spirit

Bert Hellinger: The Love of the Spirit

Bert Hellinger: Adult Love in the Couple Relationship

Unraveling Family Secrets – Bert Hellinger interviewed on Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger: Money – Complied by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes

Bert Hellinger: NEW Spiritual Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger: New Paths

Bert Hellinger: Spiritual Family Constellation Work (differences between classical and new)

Bert Hellinger interviewed by Harald Hohnen following a seminar with cancer patients in Washington DC, October 2001

(many more to come…)

Bert Hellinger – Sunday contemplations

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1-51 Sunday
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Sunday contemplations

Bert Hellinger – Help for the soul in daily living

Newsletters 2011-2012

 “Help for the soul in daily living” is a collection of Bert’s writings that was published monthly for a while on his official web site.

These writings are a collection of treasures, often with description of particular constellations, like the ones featuring a rep for Stalin or Jesus! Or a description of the procedure of the new spiritual family constellations, with concrete examples from workshops – a must for any serious student of Hellinger’s approach. Each monthly offering had an introductory greeting by Bert. These writings didn’t lose any of their freshness or relevance.

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Help for the soul in daily living newsletters (2011-2012)

Bert Hellinger Audiobooks

Journeys To The Core (audio book read by B. Hellinger)

Bert Hellinger Videos

Whole workshops recordings:

Bert Hellinger – A teaching seminar on Love’s hidden symmetry in London 1997 (English)

Bert Hellinger in London 2000 (English)

Bert Hellinger in Tel Aviv 2002 (English)

Bert Hellinger in Mexico 2004 (English with Spanish translation)

Bert and Sophie Hellinger in Pichl 2007 (English) – Illnesses and Health

Bert Hellinger in London 2008 (English)

Bert Hellinger in Wroclaw 2013 (German with Polish translation)

Video links to shorter videos on You Tube:

(for some videos automatic translation to several languages is available if you turn on the subtitles)

Bert Hellinger in Ottawa: The Ways of Knowing

The Art of Helping (English with Spanish translation)

Hellinger on adoption

Trans-generational Dynamics and Mental Illness

Couples Relationships; The Secret of Love, London 2008

Love’s Hidden Symmetry; Teaching seminar, Taipei 2001 (English with Chinese translation) part 1

Love’s Hidden Symmetry; Teaching seminar, Taipei 2001 (English with Chinese translation) part 2

Love’s Hidden Symmetry; Teaching seminar, Taipei 2001 (English with Chinese translation) part 3

Being in resonance with one – Creative Force, London 2008

Meditation, Barcelona 2009, (German & Spanish)

No mother, no partner, London 2008

Mother in service of life, London 2008

On Judgement

Talk on a Constellation community, part 1, 2007

Talk on a Constellation community part 2, 2007

Life & Death, English & German

Der Vergleich (German)

Vortrag über das “reine Gewissen” Deutsch und Englisch/German-English

Das Neue Familienstellen OHNE WORTE: Umgang mit einer schweren Krankheit, German & English

Clip sobre Constelaciones Familiares, Mendoza 2010, German

“Jak obchodzić się z chorobą”, 2015, Polish & English

Sunday Reflections

– read By Bert Hellinger himself in German, but you can turn on the subtitles in different languages. There are 38 short videos in this series:

Reflection: My Heart (German with automatic subtitles in several languages)

Reflection: Hatred (German with automatic subtitles in several languages)



Bert Hellinger – Die Quelle braucht nicht nach dem Weg zu fragen

Other authors


Constellations according to Hellinger; Some reflections on the overall development of the Constellations field

Alemka Dauskardt: The Sacred Cows of Ethics

Thomas Gehrmann: Oh ethics, thou heavy mace!

Thomas Gehrmann & Ursula Steinbach: Going with the Spirit-Mind – A Textbook for the Spiritual Constellation Work according to Bert Hellinger

(Authors who want to submit their articles for sharing here are welcome to contact us. Articles have to be related to Constellations according to Hellinger specifically.)

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