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This association has been registered in Croatia and for a number of years it has been a resource for people in the Balkan region, providing information, services and education in the field of Constellations. More recently, it has been acting as a professional registry of constellation practitioners in the region who have completed their education in Constellations according to Hellinger, many of them offering their own programs.

As there have been more interest from people who are committed to studying, preserving and spreading the teachings of Bert Hellinger and offering constellations based on these teachings, we have decided to open the possibility of membership internationally.

In Croatia the association has been formally registered under the name of “Udruga KONSTELACIJA” but will act internationally under the name of “Constellations According to Hellinger International”.


Membership gives you access to e-library and other member-only content and resources, as well as the option to put your name on a list of registered members of “Constellations According to Hellinger International”.

Those of you who offer programs can have their short Bio published, together with information about your programs as well as links to your web pages and contact details, if you choose to do so.

( The guidelines for submitting your listing can be found HERE. The list of registered members in the Balkan region you can find HERE. )

Conditions for registered members are as follows:

  • Minimum of 21 days of constellation education programs completed with the known trainers, with the majority of training being in Constellations according to Hellinger. This has to be documented by submitting e-copies of certificates of completion upon request after you have submitted your application. In most cases, only listing the details of programs you completed in the Application Form will be sufficient.
  • Expressed agreement and intended compliance with the code of “Constellating ethics” relevant for practice of Constellations according to Hellinger.
  • Filling the Application for Registered Membership form below.
  • Paying 50 € yearly membership fee plus 20 € one off processing fee with your application.
  • Upon the approval of your application you will be asked to submit a short biography & your contact details & a photo for your public listing – if you wish to do so. Otherwise, only your name will be listed publicly in the registry of members. All information is collected and handled in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and not shared with anyone without your specific permission.

For membership it is necessary to fill in the Application Form below.

The yearly membership fee (renewable every calendar year) is 50 €. If applying for membership for the first time, you need to add a one off payment of 20 € for the processing fee with your application.

Payments are done through PayPal via this link:

Please note that all your personal details are handled in accordance with Privacy Protection Policy and are not passed on to any other party without your explicit permission. Here you can read declaration on privacy of information we comply with. The information asked in the forms below is the information we are required to keep on our members by law concerning non-profit associations and are not shared or used for any other purpose.


All personal data are stored and used in accordance with our Privacy Declaration.

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