Constellating Ethics

Ethical guidelines for systemic practitioners of
Constellations According to Hellinger

A systemic constellation practitioner / facilitator (“constellator” in further text) recognizes that the method of Systemic Constellations is a method distinct from all others, and that it has been originally developed by Bert Hellinger.
A constellator further recognizes that Systemic Constellations are a living and growing body of knowledge that is mostly discovered through an experiential method of inquiry, and that central to this approach is the phenomenon of “representative perception” through which we receive information from the Knowing Field.

A constellator endeavours to provide the highest possible quality of work, at the highest level of his own knowledge, experience and capability.
A constellator is conscious of his / hers personal state, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. He / she ensures the harmony and integrity of his / hers own systems, using him/ herself the methods & techniques that s/he proposes to others.
A constellator ensures hers / his continuing professional evolution, in particular by participating in the ongoing learning in the current and continually developing field of systemic practice; he is open to ongoing personal and spiritual development.
A constellator considers herself / himself in the service of the person s/he works with (the client / issue holder / seeker – “seeker” in further text) and the seeker’s system, as well as in the service of systemic and spiritual forces.

A constellator respects the confidentiality and private life of the seeker, never disclosing any information that may be confided in a professional setting.
A constellator takes responsibility for his own development and does not take undue responsibility for the seeker. Remaining in his / her own sphere and not interfering with the sphere of the seeker, who at all times remains responsible for his / her own process.
A constellator does not offer help or promise change, but together with the seeker opens phenomenologically to what is, to what is possible, to what must and must not be done. The constellator waits for phenomenological insight, which comes simultaneously to him and the seeker.
In their relationship with a seeker, a constellator adheres to the systemic orders of helping, as developed by Bert Hellinger .

A constellator is not driven by a personal ambition and ego goals, therefore makes sure that he / she charges for services in a balanced way, and also that he / she allows for the practice growth through attraction rather than forceful promotion.
A constellator refrains from ideological proselytising or moral judgement, aware of the Conscience of his / hers own group, practising radical inclusion and opening oneself up to everything that is the way it is.

A constellator does not speak disparagingly about the original developer of the systemic constellations, Bert Hellinger, and shows respect to him and other teachers he / she has learned from.
A constellator treats hers/ his colleagues with respect. He /she does not make disparaging remarks, neither publicly nor privately, about other constellation practitioners.
A constellator collaborates in a respectful way with professionals in related fields.

A constellator has responsibility to apply the method only in those areas and situations for which he / she has relevant experience, knowledge and education.
A constellator does not cause harm and cultivates compassionate human-heartedness.
A constellator is aware of the limits of our dualistic materialistic paradigm and acknowledges the spiritual aspect to our lives and to everything that is.

A constellator ensures that he / she works in a respectful and healthy environment.
A constellator commits her / himself to the general development of the well-being in society, supporting activities that seek to establish a healthy systemic environment in the service of general well-being.
A constellator keeps her/himself physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, understanding that to keep oneself healthy is to be kind to your ancestors, your parents, the future generations, and also all humanity.
A constellator is mindful of the overall connectedness of all sentient beings and treats all Life, Nature and our Planet with respect and care.

NOTEThis set of ethical principles is not prescriptive, but inspirational ethics code, which serve as a guideline only. “Constellating ethics” remains in the domain of personal responsibility of each constellation practitioner.

Developed by Alemka Dauskardt

Acknowledgment of the sources which inspired the “Constellating Ethics”:

Institute for Buddhist Analysis and Psychotherapy (IBAP)

Council on Spiritual Practices )

The Buddhist ethics )7

The Five percepts by Thich Nhat Hahn

French Institute of Family and Systemic Constellations

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