Emily Waymire

Emily Waymire

Systemic Constellation and Somatic Therapist




Education / Training in Constellations completed:

  • The Hellinger Institute of California
  • The Working Group for Systemic Resolutions (International Bert Hellinger Institute, Germany)
  • North American International Constellation Intensive for Trainers
  • Hellinger Sciencia


We offer a 2 year training in VaST Methodology which conveys the Orders of Love and the later mediumistic work of Hellinger. Our commitment is to the direct experience of ethical and informed constellation practices that support the teaching of Bert Hellinger and how to apply them in a practical and immediately accessible way. Our training offers 2 lead trainers, 2 lead teachers, numerous student teachers and an active structured global community of students supporting each other in growing and learning. 


See www.emilywaymire.com for information
Email support@emilywaymire.com to receive links to our free events and free 6 day training. 
Or contact Daniel Burge to find out if this is the right next step for you: https://danielburge.as.me/vast


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