Iris Shaham

Iris Shaham

Family Constellation facilitator

e-mail: iris_savir{AT}

Country of origin / residence:
Israel / U.S.A.

Web site link:


I was born in a kibbutz in Israel with my family origins in Belarus and Syria, and currently reside in Durango, Colorado with my family of five.

Family Constellations captivated me as I experienced the beautiful process and was able to find order in my own family system which lead me to a new sense of belonging. My initial experience with Family Constellations was so personally supportive that it inspired me to continue to grow with and share this work. 

My training in Family Constellation begun with Bertold Ulsamer, and  continued with Leslie Nipps of Convivium Constellations. During the last couple of years I’ve participated in workshops and master classes by some of the leading minds in the field including: Suzi Tucker, Bill Mannle, Barry Krost, Shavasti, Sarah Peyton, Andrea Bosbach and more, deepening my knowledge in this fascinating field.

As a mother, artist and family constellation practitioner nature continues to be the source of my inspiration.

Education / Training in Constellations completed:

  • Trained basic training with Leslie Nipps of Convivium Constellation- 5 months program
  • Bertold Ulsamer masterclass
  • Suzi Tucker widevision circle

    And many more! (Andrea Bosbach Largent, Bill Mannle Barry Krost and more)


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