Silvia Siret

Silvia Siret

Family Constellations Life Coach

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Education / Training in Constellations completed:

– Between 1996 and 2004 I attended nearly all Family Constellation Workshops as a participant and assistant with Regina Schalck-Heckert, Be-Free Institute, Speyer, Germany. The days amount to at least 72 (at least four 2-day workshops a year, over 9 years).
– Between 2005 (when I started living in the UK) and 2016, I attended two 2-day workshops with Yishai Gaster in London. These were organised by Cherry Jarret and Anu Azrael.
–  I was part of an in-person Family Constellations Peer Group, organised by Richard Pantlin, Oxford, UK. I attended approximately 12 days over the course of 2 years before the group was dissolved.
– 10/2016: ISCA gathering in Zagreb.
– 03/2017: Illness & Health in Constellation Work with Stephan Hausner, The Centre for Systemic Constellations, London (2 days)
– 09/2018 ISCA gathering in Lovran.
– I attended another 2-day workshop with Stephan Hausner in London at the CSC, but have no recollection of what date that was.
– 11/2018: Simply Being: The Art of the Possible, Cambridge, with Clare Kavanagh (2 days).
– 09/2020: The Shadow Constellations Module (online) with Nir Esterman, Israel (47 hours over 8 weeks).
– 2021 ISCA gathering online.
– 2023 ISCA gathering online.

I have attended many constellation workshops with internationally acclaimed Constellation Facilitators and Teachers (Alemka & Max Dauskardt, Barry Krost, Angwyn St Just, Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, Leslie Nipps, Meirav Schreiber, Orianne Corman, Cristina Muntean, Alissa Fleet, Marion Latour, Maaike van der Heiden, Rafael Ruiz, Bill Mannle, Diana Clair Douglas, Nina Ishtar, Yael Eini, Jan Jacob Stam, Susanne Hoehn, Sarah Payton, and more).

And I have been part of a regular online Family Constellators Peer Group since April 2020.

Since 2006 I have facilitated many workshops and learned so much by doing so. I’ve been offering one-to-one Family Constellations and Systemic Coaching since 2015.

I have also read many books by Bert Hellinger and other authors. It is important to me to keep practicing Family Constellations as well as educate myself further on certain specific issues, and to keep in touch with other facilitators and teachers in the field.


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