Cvijeta Brkljačić

Cvijeta Brkljačić
Cvijeta Brkljačić
cvijeta.brkljacic {AT}



I am married and I am a mother of three children. My youngest child has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. I am a special education teacher by profession, and for many years I have been working with children with developmental disabilities and their families as well. Furthermore, I have been
working with adults and children who don’t have any developmental disabilities, but struggle with everyday life as well as emotional, health and other difficulties they face along the way. What I do is guide, counsel and support them considering their current emotional and health state.

The experience and knowledge I gained by attending educational courses and obtaining a diploma in the field of systemic constellations gave me the additional strength and depth to my understanding of the human spirit and the deep systemic/family dynamics.

Everyone who asks for my support is accepted with love and respect, while the sincere gratitude and the positive feedback I get from people is my greatest fulfillment.

The workshop can be done either individually or in a group (where the people explore the issue together). Whether you want to choose an individual or rather a group one is completely up to you. The individual work depends on the client’s personal needs and issues.

I also work with married couples on the topic of partnership, their children, etc.
I work with children as well (minors, teenagers, adolescents), adjusting the approach depending on the child’s age. Significant improvements are possible in situations when after working with parents (on their child’s problem), I do it with the child itself.

During my work I respect the discretion of not only the client, but everyone else affected by the client’s work. Feel free to contact me for either an individual or a group setting of the Constellation.

It’s possible to have individual Constellation in person or via Skype, Whats App,
Viber or Zoom in both Croatian and English language. I facilitate workshops approximately once a month (in Zagreb). For more information about these workshops, you can contact me in order to subscribe to my mailing list.

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