Maja Habajec

Maja Habajec

I was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, where I received formal education in electrical engineering and IT. I am living and working on relation Croatia-Serbia, where I am married.

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Serbia & Croatia


I have always been drawn to the study of natural laws and therefore human nature and relationships. What is the force that moves our souls, guides us, inspires us, and gives us strength? And on the other hand, what weakens us, hinders us from achieving our best, and makes us feel alienated from ourselves, others, and life? What invisible laws and hidden dynamics rule our relationships and success in life? I’ve found that answers to many of these questions are being revealed to us through the SC so it’s not a surprise that I fell in love with this experiential method instantly.

My first contact with the SC work was at Konstelacija Association (Croatia) workshop back in 2014. where, from then on, I’ve been continuously attending numerous educational workshops facilitated by Alemka & Max Dauskardt. Over the years, I’ve also got the chance to learn from many other guest facilitators from around the globe (Marianne Franke, Stephanie Hartung, Stephan Hausner, Anngwyn St. Just, Cecilio Fernandez Regojo etc.). 

I am forever grateful to my teachers for this opportunity to learn about the original SC work as it was formed and practiced by Bert Hellinger, firstly in dealing with my own systemic entanglements which, then later, paved my way to facilitating and making this work available to others.

For me, the beauty of this work is that all answers are given directly to the one who seeks, to their soul, in their heart. Everyone receives an insight for themselves and with that, surrenders to their inner guidance in action without action.

If we observe each woman and man as a star in the night sky, in relation to other stars and constellations, in this sense, each star is given an opportunity to place itself in the most favorable position – its own orbit, in accordance with its own insights as revealed to them in the SC.

In working with the SC I rely on the phenomenological approach respecting laws of helping as defined by B. Hellinger as well as following the constelator’s ethics as it was constructed by Alemka Dauskardt.

I am facilitating SC workshops in Serbia and Croatia, but I am also open to your invitations to facilitate groups elsewhere (worldwide), in Croatian and English language. You can also reach out for individual sessions online.